Soaring Into A Spooky Halloween with Home Depot’s Flying Witches

Floating Frights That Will Haunt Your Home This All Hallows’ Eve

The crisp autumn air is settling in, and so are the spirits as we approach the dark delights of Halloween. This is my absolute favorite time of year – a season filled with apple picking, hay rides, costume parties, and of course, decorating the house in an explosion of pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls. As the Queen of Halloween, my home decor transforms into a haunted mansion decked to the nines in spooky splendor, and the main event is always my flying witch decorations. Every year I head to Home Depot to peruse their selection of larger-than-life flying witches guaranteed to make little trick-or-treaters shriek in fear and joy.

For the month of October, Home Depot completely embraces the Halloween spirit and becomes a one-stop Halloween superstore. Their inventory is stacked to the brim with eerie outdoor decorations of all kinds, both big and small. But the pièce de résistance in my opinion is the range of menacing flying witch decorations they offer. These flying horrors are hands-down my favorite Halloween decor item, and I already have quite the bewitching brood of them floating around my front yard each season. Let’s take a closer look at Home Depot’s devilishly delightful flying witch decorations and everything you need to know to bring one home today!

Sailing Through the Selection of Spooky Styles

Home Depot really casts a spell with their extensive selection of flying witch Halloween props in different styles and sizes. They offer several variations to fit any aesthetic and budget. The most popular and classic version is the standard green-faced witch dressed in dark robes while riding a broomstick across the moon. This quintessential flying crone design comes in sizes ranging from 3 feet tall for smaller displays up to a massive 12 foot tall witch that will send trick-or-treaters running!

Some other available styles include more modern takes like a ghostly witch with shredded white robes trailing behind her broom, or an eerie glow-in-the-dark flying witch that lights up your yard at night. I also love their glittery** ‘disco witch’** prop decked out in ‘70s bellbottoms for a funky and fun vibe. Home Depot even sells more kid-friendly options like a flying fairy or pink-haired good witch for those wanting a sweeter scene.

No matter your haunting preference, their broad assortment ensures you can find the perfect flying witch to bewitch your home this Halloween. The prices range from $50 for smaller 3-4 foot props up to $599 for their giant 12 foot tall animated witches – so there’s an appropriately wicked witch for every budget!

Conjuring a Spine-Chilling Scene for Under $150

While Home Depot carries high-end animated witches, you can easily create a terrifying scene for under $150 with their mid-sized static witch decorations. Their most popular 5 foot tall witches cost only $79 and include the classic green-faced witch along with some more unique looks like a witch with light-up eyes or a glittery purple witch.

Pair one of these fabulously frightening flying hags with a $40 tombstone and $20 worth of creepy cloth to spread over bushes and trees for an immersive haunted yard. For just $150 give or take, your home will shape-shift into the ultimate Halloween haunt that terrifies and delights! The static mid-sized witches may not talk or move on their own, but creative placement and moody lighting transforms them into chilling centerpieces.

You can always add to the experience with spooky sounds and fog machines controlled remotely to make it seem like the witch really is casting spells in your yard! A few battery-powered spotlights or flood lights in ominous colors like green, purple or orange will further set the scene for a truly spellbinding display. For taunting trick-or-treaters on a budget, Home Depot has everything you need – including the star of the show, a floating frightful witch!

Designed to Haunt the Outdoors All Season Long

Whether displayed on your covered porch or** suspended from a tree**, Home Depot’s flying witches are specially designed for optimal outdoor use. The materials are durable enough to withstand the elements, from an evening autumn drizzle to more intense wind and rainstorms.

Made from hard plastics and resin, they can be displayed outdoors 24/7 without deteriorating. I actually keep my quartet of 5 foot witches floating on my front porch all month long! With proper setup, these witches can brave the weather and add a dose of Halloween spirit to your yard even on stormy evenings. No need to worry about rushing them indoors before a sudden sprinkle!

The weather-resistant build also makes end-of-season storage a breeze. Once November 1st rolls around, I carefully pack up my precious witches into their original boxes and tuck them safely away in my attic to await their triumphant return next Halloween. Protected from dampness and extreme temperatures in storage, my flying hags have lasted over 5 years and counting!

So whether you’re contending with rain or even an early snowfall, Home Depot’s outdoor-friendly flying witches are ready to deliver frights whatever the weather this Halloween. Their durable construction will keep them haunting your home October after October.

Spirits So Real You’ll Forget They’re Props!

Beyond just being weatherproof for outdoor use, I’m consistently wowed at how realistic Home Depot’s flying witches look. From their creepy faces to the individually sewn folds of fabric in their robes, the true-to-life details are incredible. My 12 foot tall animated witch in particular looks so lifelike I swear she’s real!

Her piercing green eyes seem to follow you as she cackles and sweeps down on her broom. I’ve noticed trick-or-treaters lingering to stare at her in awe, likely to determine if she’s a real witch or not. I often pretend not to notice them from the corner of my eye, just to add to the illusion!

The realistic visuals extend beyond the witch herself to the flying motion these props create. The witches are rigged with near-invisible support rods and strings that allow them to “fly” while looking like they’re actually riding the broom. The flowing robes and windblown hair billowing behind them adds to the illusion of supernatural flight.

I’m amazed at the engineering it takes to create such eerily lifelike movement on these Halloween decorations. Between their realistic appearance and soaring flight modes, Home Depot’s witches blur the line between decoration and genuine haunting. Now if only the witches would truly come alive and fly away! A girl can dream.

Animated Antics for Maximum Fright

While Home Depot has frighteningly realistic static witch options, the clear blockbuster stars of my display are the giant animated witches. These motorized monsters take an already unsettling decoration and inject it with action and sound for a truly terrifying Halloween treat.

The lifesize animated witches range from 7-12 feet tall, and most are ✨remote controlled✨ for witchy hijinks on demand. With the click of a button, my 12 foot hag springs to life, moving her arms and head while flashing her eyes and cackling up a storm. I hide in the bushes and watch in delight as her antics make trick-or-treaters jump out of their skeleton leggings!

Other models feature built-in motion activation, so the witch automatically starts her shrieking and head spinning when someone draws near. The remote controlled witches are highly entertaining for personalized scares, but I also appreciate the automated versions for hands-off hassle-free frights.

While pricier than their static sisters, in my opinion the larger automated flying witches are worth every penny. The smooth mechanics bringing them to life paired with chilling lights, sounds and motion creates a truly terrifying spectacle ideal for extreme haunting. Home Depot carries witch animations I haven’t seen anywhere else. If you really want to take Halloween decor over the top, these witches deliver the electrifying experience you crave!

Simple Setup Lets You Haunt Fast

Part of what draws me to Home Depot’s flying witches each Halloween is how quick and easy they are to set up. Assembly is minimal for most models – simply attach the witch to her broomstick support rods via built-in brackets, plug her in if animated/motorized, and she’s ready to fly!

The static witches include the needed hanging rods and wires, making installation a breeze. I usually hang them from tree branches or the roof overhang using the provided cords. Home Depot’s animated witches also include secure poles and ground stakes if you prefer freestanding placement. Set-up takes me under 15 minutes even for the giant 12 foot props!

The hassle-free assembly is a huge time saver compared to other Halloween decor. No need to build anything from scratch or make multiple trips to buy supporting poles and cords separately. The quick turnaround from box to frightening flying witch means more time enjoying the decor instead of struggling to set it up.

Even my technophobe grandmother was able to get a witch airborne solo in minutes! So don’t letsetup intimidate you – Home Depot’s designed these ghoulish gals for swift lift-off. You’ll be cursing the neighborhood with your own cackling airborne witch in no time!

Built Like Tanks to Weather Any Storm

Speaking of ease of use, I’m also continually impressed by the sturdy durability of Home Depot’s flying witch decorations. The quality materials and construction allow them to withstand all kinds of harsh weather and still keep flying every Halloween.

My witches have survived howling winds, downpours, errant branches, and even an unexpected early snowfall one especially cruel October. While the witches may end up coated in leaves or dripping with rain at times, their robust build keeps them aloft to continue terrorizing.

I appreciate that I don’t have to panic and rush outside to rescue them anytime the weather takes a turn. The steel support rods don’t bend or splinter, and the resin witch bodies won’t crack or warp. And for the motorized animated witches, the mechanics are water resistant and rustproof so the witch keeps cackling rain or shine.

The witches do tend to sway and twist aggressively during storms, which actually adds to their spooky motion! My witches seem to revel in riding the winds, so I know I never need to worry about them crashing down due to weather. As long as they are correctly installed, these flying furies can battle the elements season after season. No tricks, just incredibly durable treats!

Energy-Efficient Frights to Power Your Haunting

In addition to being built tough, I appreciate that Home Depot’s Halloween witch decorations are energy efficient and cost effective to power. The standard incandescent bulb spotlights and floodlights many homeowners use can consume significant electricity over an entire spooky season.

But the witches themselves are much more economical to run. Most models are battery operated or plug-in, using efficient LED lights and small low-power motors. My giant 12 foot animated witch runs on just a standard outdoor extension cord and uses minimal energy even while in motion. This keeps my decor both environmentally friendly and electric bill friendly!

Small design touches like timers and sensors that automatically turn the witches on/off at night further reduce power usage. Compared to running strands of Halloween lights, fog machines, and other effects, my platoon of flying witches is surprisingly low drain on my home’s energy.

I can decorate my entire yard with an entourage of witches for about the same cost as running a few incandescent spotlights all month! So if you want a display that’s kind to the planet and your wallet, Home Depot’s flying witch decorations are a great energy-efficient option. Now if only I could harness their powers to light up the jack-o-lanterns too!

Conjure Up the Perfect Scene With Complementary Decor

While the flying witch is certainly the main attraction of my display, Home Depot offers lots of complementary decorations to round out your ideal Halloween scene. Classic extras like jack-o-lanterns, ghost and witch static props, and gravestones can accent the yard to amplify your theme.

I like to surround my airborne witches with trees draped in spiderwebs and animated light-up pumpkins. Strategically placed fog machines add eerie clouds to complete the ambience of a haunted forest. Battery-powered spotlights and flood lights cast an ominous glow in shades like purple and green.

For indoor decorating, they have full lines of Halloween home goods – think wreathstabletop pieces, and themed dishware. You can even accessorize yourself with witch hats, capes, and costume makeup for the full effect!

Whatever your vision, Home Depot has every creepy detail covered. Focus on your centerpiece flying witch, then peruse their massive selection of complementary decorations to build an entire bewitching world!

Beware the Policies of the Wicked Returns Department

While I’ve had zero issues with my fiendish flying witch decorations from Home Depot, it’s good to be aware of policies for returns, damages, or defects just in case. Like most retailers, Home Depot has guidelines specific to Halloween merchandise that is only used seasonally.

For any issues with decorations purchased in-store, you have 90 days from the date on your receipt to make a return. Items bought online can be returned within 90 days as well, though shipping fees may apply if you send it back by mail.

Home Depot will accept returns on most new/unused Halloween items, but with a couple caveats. For example, anything with damage like broken lights or missing parts cannot be returned once unpacked. Costumes and makeup also cannot be returned once opened or worn for sanitary reasons.

And of course, seasonally decorated homes fall outside the typical return period – Home Depot won’t take back half-used cobwebs or jack-o-lanterns in November! Be sure to inspect decor in the store or promptly upon delivery. Follow instructions carefully during use and storage to prevent issues.

Most importantly, save all packaging and parts in case an exchange or return is needed! As long as you adhere to the guidelines, Home Depot’s generous return policy takes the ‘trick’ out of any treat disappointments. Just beware of the witch at customer service if you must make a belated haunted house return!

Let the Spooky Savings Begin!

While bewitching decor like flying witches may seem indulgent, Home Depot actually offers quite a few ways to save. Time your Halloween shopping right to score the best deals:

  • Watch for sitewide sales like Labor Day that include discounts on seasonal items. I once saved 25% on a 12 foot animated witch thanks to a perfectly timed September sale!
  • Sign up for the Home Depot card – in addition to regular credit card perks, you get extra discounts on select seasonal decor the longer you have the card.
  • Check for coupons on the Home Depot app and website around Halloween. They’ll sometimes offer $10 off a $50 purchase that applies to decorations.
  • Shop the day Halloween markdowns start, usually shortly before October 31st. This is when the ghosts, witches, and other props get deeply discounted for quick sale.
  • Ask about possible floor model or display discounts on large props like animated witches once the holiday passes. You may score an incredible deal on a returned item.
  • Join their loyalty program for access to special coupons and early sneak peeks of Halloween merch. This helps you plan and budget your dream ghostly look.

With the right sale or coupon, you can often get high-quality decorations like lifesize animated witches for as much as 50-75% off! Home Depot makes it easy to save so you can stock up on eerie essentials. Just be sure to snag your steeply discounted props before the Halloween Scrooges do!

Fly Your Broom Over to Get the Best Selection

The earlier you begin haunting the Halloween aisles, the better selection you’ll get of the most popular decor items. Home Depot starts stocking Halloween merchandise in late summer, with inventory ramping up in September and October.

I like to do my first shopping trip around mid-August to get an idea of what’s in store for the season. This gives me time to order any large ticket items I want before they sell out. Nothing spoils the frightful fun like finding your dream 12 foot tall flying witch is backordered until November!

Most regular-sized Halloween decor hits shelves by September, with more being added through October. Shop before October 15th for your best chance at snagging a flying witch in the size and style you want. Waiting too close to the 31st risks finding a picked-over selection.

Given how fast their flying witches and animated props sell, I recommend calling your local stores beginning in late summer to get an idea of their expected inventory arrival dates. Ask to have an associate put one on hold for you if you know what you want!

Home Depot also does an amazing job of showcasing products online with detailed descriptions, measurements, power requirements, and user reviews. Browse their frightening offerings from the comfort of your couch, then head to the store once you’ve chosen your cackling centerpiece.

Just beware that many of the giant props are “In-Store Only” purchases – so you’ll want to reserve one online for easy pickup once they are stocked. With some planning, you’ll have a ghost of a chance at conjuring up the perfect Halloween!

The Complete Package for Foolproof Frights

When it comes to conjuring a Halloween wonderland, Home Depot has all the ingredients for success. Between their expansive selection of decorations in every frightening flavor, hard-to-beat prices, early seasonal stock, and easy ordering options, they take the guesswork out of decking your dwelling in villainous vibe.

I love that I can browse their well-organized in-store and online displays to find inspiration and options for any budget. Their decor strikes the perfect balance between durability and affordability. And their lifesize animated flying witches are simply in a league of their own when it comes to showstopping props!

If you’re looking to make Halloween 2022 your best yet, Home Depot has you covered broom to cauldron. Just watch out that you don’t get too carried away once you get swept up in their incredible selection of spooky decorations. Though really, you can never have too many witches! Now to go reserve my 13th cackling airborne crone…

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