My Quest to Find the Perfect Frog Wicker Basket at Home Depot

I have a bit of an obsession with frogs. Some may call it a problem, but I call it a passion! I love collecting frog figurines, clothes, jewelry – you name it. So when I came across a photo on Pinterest of a cute wicker basket in the shape of a frog, I knew I had to have it. The caption said it was available at Home Depot, so I was determined to track it down.

Scouring the Home Depot Site for My Froggy Friend

As soon as I had a free moment, I went on the Home Depot website and searched for “frog wicker basket.” Sadly, no results came up. I tried searching under patio furniture, garden décor, storage, and baskets to no avail. I was starting to lose hope when I decided to dig deeper into the site. I looked under brand names like Pillowfort, Bloem, and Hampton Bay thinking maybe it was hiding there. Still no frog basket to be found.

I wasn’t ready to admit defeat, so I searched Google with the terms “home depot frog wicker basket.” A few blog posts came up showing images of the cute green frog-shaped basket I was after! The posts said it was spotted at Home Depot a few years back. It seemed they no longer carried it, but I remained optimistic.

Calling All the Home Depots in Search of My Basket

The next step was to start actually calling Home Depot stores to see if any still had the frog basket in stock. I methodically went through the list of stores nearby. Most employees had no idea what I was talking about. A few thought I was pranking them! But finally, after calling over a dozen locations, I got a bite – one store associate said she remembered seeing that basket before! She went to go dig through the back storage area while I waited eagerly on the line. Moments later, she came back empty handed. My frog basket was nowhere to be found.

Though disappointed, I didn’t give up hope. I decided to try stores a little farther away. I kept calling various Home Depot locations throughout the state asking about the basket. Most hadn’t seen or heard of it, but told me they’d be on the lookout. I started to feel like I was searching for a mythical creature no one truly believed existed!

Expanding the Search: Calling Competitors for Clues

After coming up empty at even more Home Depot branches, I decided a new strategy was in order. I thought, where else might carry a cute wicker animal basket? I started calling other major home improvement chains. Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, True Value – no one had any frog baskets or knew where I could find one.

Finally, when calling a local hardware store, they told me they thought they remember seeing a frog basket years ago…at Target! The plot thickens. Could my wicker frog friend have hopped over to Target? There was only one way to find out.

Target Acquired: Investigating the Bullseye for Baskets

I immediately went to Target’s site and searched for “frog basket.” Pay dirt – a frog-shaped basket appeared in the results! It seemed to be from a brand called Pillowfort. But when I clicked on it, the dreaded “out of stock” note appeared. It was the same photo I’d seen on Pinterest though – I was getting closer!

I called up my local Target to see if by chance they had any in stock or in their storage. The employee put me on hold to go check the shelves. My heart raced waiting for her return. She came back apologetic – no basket. But she offered to search the inventory of other Targets for me. I crossed my fingers as I waited on hold once more. Suddenly she came back and said a store clear across the state showed one in stock!

Road Trip! A Target Run for the Basket

I couldn’t believe it – there was finally a solid lead on my long lost frog basket! I was ready to jump in the car and embark on a road trip right then and there. But I decided I better call the store first to confirm they did indeed have the Pillowfort frog wicker basket before driving hours away.

After being transferred a couple times, I got an employee in the home section. I asked him to go check for the basket. As I waited, I could feel my excitement rising. This could be the breakthrough I needed! Soon he returned and said those magic words: “Yep, we’ve got one left in stock!”

I did a happy dance right there in my kitchen. It was real. It actually existed. And I now knew where to find it! I thanked the employee profusely and said I’d see him in a few hours after I made the drive. I grabbed my keys, typed the Target address into my GPS, and cranked up some road trip tunes. Here I come, froggy!

At Long Last – Basket in Hand!

The miles seemed to fly by as I embarked on my quest to unite with the frog basket. Before I knew it, I was pulling into the Target parking lot, ready to finally lay eyes on my wicker friend. I rushed in and back to the home section, quickly locating the employee I had spoken with on the phone earlier. As he led me over to the shelf, I caught a glimpse of green wicker. There it was in all its glory – a rectangular wicker basket, with a giant frog face and legs sticking out the front.

I let out an audible gasp and grabbed the basket, holding it up like treasure I’d hunted years for (in some ways I had!). I inspected every inch of it – the tightly woven wicker, the charming froggy face, the sturdy construction. It was perfect. Well worth the hours of phone calls and cross-state road trip.

The employee helped ring me up, wishing me well on my basket journey. I skipped out to my car, gently placed the frog in the passenger seat, and hit the road. Mission accomplished.

Settling Into Our New Home

After an easy drive back home, I brought my new froggy friend inside and found him the perfect spot on my patio. The vibrant green really popped against the neutral tones of the cushions. I’d been imagining this little scene for weeks now and it was even cuter in person!

Over the next few days I played around with using the basket in different ways. First I tried filling it with colorful potted annuals. Next I stacked some throw blankets inside and made it a cozy place for my cat to nap. I even put wine and cheese in it one evening for a cute serving display. The uses were endless!

No matter where the frog basket ended up, it always brought a smile to my face. It was a reminder to never give up when searching for something that brings you joy. And it made for quite the adventure hunting it down! The frog and I have settled happily into our home together. Who knew a simple wicker basket could make me so happy!

Details on My One-of-a-Kind Frog Find

For those looking to hunt down their own frog basket, I want to share some details about my find in case it helps you on your quest! Here’s what I learned:

  • The brand is Pillowfort and the basket name includes “frog” (so creative right?)
  • I found it at a Target in central Massachusetts
  • It was on a bottom shelf in the home goods section priced at $39.99
  • The dimensions were about 16″ wide x 10″ high
  • The basket is made from natural wicker with a painted on frog design
  • While suitable for indoor or covered outdoor use, it’s not waterproof or UV protected
  • To care for it, I’ll lightly dust it and keep it away from direct sun and moisture
  • There were no customer reviews on Target’s site since it’s discontinued
  • Target didn’t have any similar animal baskets, just some plain wicker ones
  • The basket wasn’t available for delivery, just in-store pickup
  • The one I found was a natural wicker color, no other color or style options
  • No promotions were available, but I got the everyday Target discount with my RedCard
  • It can hold a good amount of items, so it’s great for storage or displaying decor
  • Since it’s discontinued, no chance of restock (get them while you can!)
  • Target offered a 90 day return window if needed
  • Other than Target, I never found the frog basket anywhere else
  • The natural wicker and shape would allow this to hold potted plants too
  • It doesn’t seem to be part of a larger home decor collection or theme
  • Perfect for storing blankets, toys, gardening supplies, or displaying flowers!
  • Based on the quality, Target seems to choose durable baskets that will last

So in summary – don’t underestimate Target for cute home finds, always call to confirm inventory, and when you find something special, hop on it quickly! I hope my frog basket saga inspires you to find similar hidden gems. Happy hunting!

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