Getting Hands-On with Home Depot’s Delivery Truck Workshops

An Inside Look at Building Skills for Commercial Driving

As someone who loves working with my hands and tackling new DIY projects, I was thrilled to discover that Home Depot offers hands-on workshops focused on delivery trucks. As a longtime Home Depot shopper and a hobbyist mechanic, this seemed like the perfect chance for me to gain new skills while getting an inside look at the trucks that bring lumber, appliances, and other big-ticket items right to my door.

After doing some research online, I learned that Home Depot has specially designed delivery truck workshops available at select stores across the country. These workshops give participants a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the iconic orange Home Depot delivery fleet. The sessions are led by experienced Home Depot truck technicians who share insider knowledge and provide hands-on training for working on heavy-duty trucks.

Intrigued, I decided to sign up for one of these workshops at my local store in Albany, NY to see what it was all about. In this post, I’ll give you an in-depth look at my experience learning commercial truck maintenance skills straight from the Home Depot pros.

Finding and Registering for an Upcoming Workshop

The first step was figuring out where and when upcoming delivery truck workshops would be held. I went to and searched for “truck workshop” which brought up a list of stores offering the experience. I was pleased to see several options throughout New York state over the next few months.

There was an open workshop coming up in just two weeks at the store in Albany. Registration was simple – I just entered my contact information on the website to reserve my spot. The workshops are free for participants but space is limited to allow for hands-on learning. I was sent a confirmation email with all the details I’d need for the workshop day.

Arriving for My Day as a Home Depot Truck Technician

On the big day, I drove down to the Home Depot superstore and headed back to the private workshop area. There were signs directing me to the fenced-off parking lot specifically for the workshop. I checked in at the registration table and was handed a pair of Home Depot safety glasses to wear during the session.

There were about 15 participants total gathered for the experience. It was a mix of men and women of different ages, from young folks like me to some more seasoned hobby mechanics. There was definitely a shared excitement in the air to get started.

Right on time, our instructor Mike emerged from the Home Depot truck shop. He’s a certified truck technician for Home Depot with years of experience repairing and maintaining their iconic fleet. Mike would be leading us through the key parts of the truck maintenance process.

Learning Skills from a Home Depot Pro Technician

The highlight of the workshop was the chance to get hands-on learning directly from Mike. He started by giving us an overview of critical truck components like the engine, drivetrain, brake system, and more.

We got to inspect real Home Depot delivery trucks up-close as Mike pointed out the parts and mechanics. He showed us best practices for conducting thorough inspections and preventative maintenance.

Some of the key skills we worked on included:

  • Changing oil and filters – We each got to drain and replace oil on a truck to keep the engine running smoothly. Mike taught us which filters need regular change-outs.
  • Checking tire pressure – Properly inflated tires are critical for handling heavy loads. Mike demonstrated how to gauge and adjust air pressure for optimum tire health.
  • Testing brake pads – We got to inspect brake pad thickness and learn when to replace worn pads. This is key for stopping large loaded trucks.
  • Replacing lights – We learned how to safely change out headlights and taillights, a common repair on delivery trucks.
  • Checking fluids – Mike showed us the reservoirs for power steering, transmission, and coolant fluids and how to top them off.
  • Inspecting belts – We looked at points to check for belt wear and learned how to change them.
  • Battery care – Mike covered cleaning corrosion from battery terminals and load testing batteries.

Gaining Confidence Working on Trucks

After just one day in the Home Depot delivery truck workshop, I gained so much more confidence working around big commercial trucks. The hands-on learning was extremely valuable – it’s one thing to read about auto repairs online but a whole other experience to do it yourself with expert guidance.

Mike was an awesome instructor – he made sure we got to try all the key skills ourselves. I also picked up great safety tips that pro technicians use like properly supporting vehicles on jack stands.

My favorite part was changing the oil and filters end-to-end on my own truck. I now know I can tackle basic maintenance that keeps these hardworking delivery vehicles hitting the road every day. Mike gave us all excellent advice tailored to our skill levels.

Resources Provided for Ongoing Learning

At the end of the jam-packed day, Mike gave us each a packet of helpful reference materials to support our continued learning. This included:

  • checklist for recommended monthly and annual truck inspections
  • Specification sheets for fluid types and capacities
  • Parts diagrams with labels
  • worksheet for recording maintenance records
  • Discount coupons for truck supplies at Home Depot

Mike also reminded us that we could always come into the Home Depot truck shop with follow-up questions. He gave us his direct contact information in case we needed any advice down the road.

Recommending the Workshop to Fellow DIYers

In the weeks since completing Home Depot’s delivery truck workshop, my friends and family have noticed how much more comfortable I am working on vehicles. I can chat knowledgably about transmissions, axles, and other truck components.

I highly recommend the Home Depot delivery truck workshop to anyone with an interest in learning hands-on commercial vehicle maintenance. Novices have nothing to be intimidated about – Mike and his team are used to working with hobbyists of all skill levels. I feel like I walked away with a whole new set of useful abilities.

The workshop was also just a fun and fascinating glimpse into Home Depot’s operations. We got to see firsthand the trucks that stock every Home Depot store across the country. Watching skilled technicians like Mike work on these trucks gave me a new appreciation for the system that gets products into customers’ carts.

Plus, where else can you get this kind of experience completely free of charge? I’m already looking forward to the next workshop I can attend to expand my skills. There are similar workshops at Home Depot stores focusing on topics like construction equipment, generators, and forklifts.

So if you like to fix things with your own hands, I’d say head down to your nearest Home Depot and sign up to learn directly from their pros. You’ll drive away with new abilities and a sense of accomplishment. What are you waiting for? Go get your orange on!

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