Finding the Perfect Chimney Chase Cover at Home Depot

My Quest to Protect My Chimney in Style

As a new homeowner, I’ve been tackling all sorts of projects around the house. One area that needed some attention was the chimney chase on the roof. The previous owners never installed a chimney cap or chimney chase cover, so the brick was exposed to the elements. I wanted to add a cover to prevent animals and debris from getting into the flue, while also making it look nicer from the street. Given the number of options, I knew this project would require a trip to my favorite home improvement store, Home Depot.

After browsing online for a bit, I headed to the local Home Depot to check out their chimney chase covers in person. I was pleased to see they had a decent selection of covers in different materials, sizes and prices. Here’s an overview of what I found:

Types of Chimney Chase Covers

Home Depot carries chimney caps made from several materials:

  • Stainless Steel: The most popular option, stainless steel is durable, rust-resistant and comes in a brushed silver look. These covers are usually 24 gauge or heavier stainless steel.
  • Copper: For a unique, upscale look, copper chimney caps offer a beautiful patina over time. Tend to be on the higher end price-wise.
  • Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel is thick, durable and more budget-friendly than stainless or copper. It has a matte gray finish.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and rust-resistant, aluminum caps are another lower cost alternative. Not quite as durable as other metals long-term though.
  • PVC: For a basic plastic cover, PVC caps are inexpensive but not very aesthetically pleasing.

Costs of Chimney Chase Covers at Home Depot

I found chimney chase cover prices ranged quite a bit:

  • Basic Steel Caps: Starting around $50 – $100 for simple galvanized or stainless steel covers.
  • Copper Covers: Around $200 to $500 for real copper caps.
  • Custom Sizes: Going bigger with custom sizing and shapes added anywhere from $100 to $500+ depending on materials used and intricacy of design.

They had plenty of mid-range options from $125 – $250. The average chimney cap seemed to cost around $150 – $200.

Materials and Design Options

Beyond basic metal chimney caps, Home Depot also offers more unique covers and customization:

  • Decorative shapes like octagons, pyramids, cones and turrets that extend past the chase.
  • Multi-flue designs for chimneys with more than one flue.
  • Custom sizing – If your chase is an odd size, they can fabricate custom covers. Extra cost applies.
  • Optional weather vanes and decorative finials for the top.
  • Screened vents – Many caps had built-in screens to keep out animals and debris.
  • A few mortar-based chase covers that can be tiled or finished to blend with masonry.

Available Sizes

The most common chimney chase cover sizes at Home Depot included:

  • 12×12 inches
  • 16×16 inches
  • 18×18 inches
  • 24×24 inches
  • 26×26 inches
  • 12×34 inches (rectangular)

They also had multi-flue designs up to 36×50 inches.

Odd sizes like 19×19 or 22×22 inches would need custom fabrication, but they can accommodate most dimensions.

Measuring My Chimney Chase

To select the right cover, I first had to measure my chimney chase carefully.

The key dimensions needed are:

  • Chimney width and depth (usually a square)
  • Height of the entire chase from roof to top
  • Flue diameter (if unsure, measure inside chase)
  • Number of flues if more than one

This told me both the base size I’d need for coverage and the proper height for a good fit.

Most caps at Home Depot are adjustable for different heights, so some variation is okay. But getting the base right is critical.

I measured twice to be sure and even took photos to reference.

Installation Options

I soon realized that properly installing a chimney cap would take skill and tools I didn’t own.

Luckily, Home Depot offers installation services for around $150 – $300 depending on chimney height and accessibility.

The installers use boom lifts and safety rigging to get on the roof and have expertise working with metal and masonry. This gave me peace of mind it would be done right.

If installing yourself, be prepared with:

  • Safety harness, ropes, roof brackets
  • Masonry drill and bit
  • Caulk and sealant
  • Sheet metal snips
  • Screws
  • Ladder or scaffolding

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions too.

Weighing the Warranty

An important consideration for me was the warranty offered.

Most chimney caps at Home Depot come with at least a 5-year warranty, some extending to limited lifetime warranties. This covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Copper and stainless steel caps usually had the best warranties. Cheaper steel and aluminum versions had shorter coverage.

This ensured I’d have some protection in case the cap was faulty or rusted out faster than expected.

Ordering a Cover Online

For convenience, Home Depot allows you to:

  • Check store inventory online for immediate pickup
  • Order a chimney cap online for delivery
  • Schedule professional installation

This was handy for finding the right size in stock nearest me.

The website also shows the different brands they carry like Forever Cap, HY-C and Metal-Fab. I could compare materials, dimensions and prices easily.

For oversized or custom covers, going directly to the store allows you to view options and get precise measurements.

Maintaining My Chimney Chase Cover

Proper care and cleaning will maximize the chimney cap’s lifespan:

  • Remove debris like leaves and sticks with a broom or soft brush periodically
  • Scrub off dirt stains with a non-abrasive cleaner and rinse well
  • Re-apply high heat paint if the cap ever rusts
  • Watch for cracks or damage and seal any openings
  • Re-caulk the edges over time as needed

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations helps prevent wear and tear. Taking good care of my chimney chase cover ensures it will endure years of tough weather ahead.

Reviews from Real Customers

To get feedback from those who’ve used Home Depot’s chimney caps, I checked out customer reviews online. Overall, most buyers seemed quite satisfied, with reviews averaging 4+ stars.

Positive reviews praised the sturdy constructioneasy installation and good value. Many mentioned the covers blending in nicely once installed. Negative reviews mostly focused on sizing being off or receiving a damaged product.

A few tips recommended:

  • Carefully measure the flue size and chase dimensions first
  • Open the box and inspect for dents or flaws right away
  • Use sealant around the edges for maximum waterproofing
  • Have it installed professionally for best results

For the most part, Home Depot’s chimney chase covers received glowing reviews on durability and performance from real customers. This further boosted my confidence in choosing one for my house.

Sales and Discounts

For extra savings, I kept an eye out for any promotions or sales events:

  • Memorial Day Sales often include savings on exterior metal products.
  • Black Friday and holiday sales may include chimney caps.
  • Special financing or rebates are sometimes offered for roofing projects.
  • Clearance items – Older models discounted when new versions arrive.
  • Check online for any limited time deals or coupon codes.

By timing my purchase right, I was hopeful I could score a chimney cap within my budget. Signing up for Home Depot’s email list kept me notified of any relevant sales too.

Delivery Logistics on Big Items

One advantage of Home Depot is their free shipping on most chimney caps and accessories.

For my large custom size, I was pleasantly surprised there was only a reasonable $25 delivery surcharge.

They contract professional freight carriers for oversize items. This ensured my chimney cap would be handled properly and arrive intact.

Always good to review shipping details at checkout and verify delivery date for big purchases.

Return Policy Basics

Best of all, Home Depot offers a flexible 90-day return policy on most products.

If my chimney cap was the wrong size, got damaged during shipping or I simply changed my mind, I could return it for a full refund.

They make returns and exchanges straightforward by:

  • Providing a prepaid UPS label for returns by mail
  • Scheduling a pick-up from your home
  • Accepting returns at any store location

Just be sure to keep the original packaging and receipt. This gives me confidence buying a chimney cap knowing returns are hassle-free if needed.

Finding a Waterproof Cover

Since my chimney chase sees a good deal of rain and snow, I wanted a waterproof cover that would shed moisture.

Several great options at Home Depot boasted weather-tight construction:

  • Copper caps – Naturally water-resistant and long-lasting
  • Stainless steel – Rust-proof and includes rubber sealing strip
  • Galvanized steel – Zinc coating prevents rust
  • Built-in drip edge – Deflects water away from chase
  • Flashing – Adhesive membrane prevents leaks

A snug fit and additional caulk or sealant keeps the interior dry as well. A waterproof chimney chase cover provides crucial protection from the elements.

Installation Tools and Accessories

To supplement my chimney cap purchase, Home Depot has handy installation accessories:

  • Silicone Caulk – Waterproofs seams
  • Self-Adhesive Flashing – Extra protection under cap
  • Security Screws – Deter tampering
  • Mesh Screen – Extra defense against animals
  • Work Gloves – Protect hands when handling
  • Sealant – Creates watertight seal
  • Roof Brackets – For safety when installing

Grabbing the right gear makes getting a chimney cap installed a breeze. No special tools needed.

Locating a Cap in Stock

When I needed to grab a chimney cap quickly, it was good to know Home Depot offers a few ready-to-take options:

  • 6-12″ – Basic square galvanized caps
  • 18×18″ – Common mid-size stainless caps
  • Copper Custom – Pre-sized models 12-36″

While stock is limited, they keep popular sizes on hand for immediate purchase. Quantity varies by location.

I could also order online for in-store pickup at my convenience. Useful when you need a chimney cap ASAP!

Energy Efficiency Considerations

One priority for me was finding a chimney cap that would retain heat in the winter.

Some great energy-efficient options at Home Depot include:

  • Low-profile – Less surface area exposed
  • Insulated Flue Covers – Reduces conductive heat loss
  • Sealed Drip Edge – Stops air leakage
  • Weather-tight Construction – No gaps for airflow
  • Reflective Surface – Bounces heat back inward

With the right chimney cap, I can prevent warm air from escaping and save on heating costs.

Getting Expert Guidance

For any questions, I knew Home Depot staff could provide knowledgeable advice on selecting chimney caps.

In store, the building materials and millwork specialists have extensive experience with these products.

They can clarify:

  • Exact sizing and dimensions
  • Material differences and benefits
  • Installation needs
  • Building code requirements

Online, has an Ask an Expert chat feature for getting chimney cap guidance. Helpful when I had technical sizing or purchasing questions.

The Perfect Chimney Cap Awaits!

After researching all the chimney chase cover options at Home Depot, I felt ready to choose the perfect one for protecting my chimney and making it a beautiful rooftop focal point.

From measuring carefully to finding the right materials and style to suit my home, the knowledgable staff and wide selection gave me confidence I would find a durable, visually appealing cap within my budget.

For any homeowners looking to upgrade their chimney, I highly recommend checking out the quality chimney caps and expert guidance Home Depot has to offer. The right chimney chase cover can provide both form and function. I left assured I could tackle this project and finally get my rooftop looking sharp!

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